The best fast USB wall chargers 2021

Although nowadays tablets and phones charge more and more quickly, it is rare when buying a new smartphone to have outlets capable of supporting these peak speeds. And even so, many people still prefer to use their old 5 Watt chargers which are much slower. In this article, we present you a comparison of the […]

Top 8 best USB wall chargers

While it seems simple to choose a USB wall charger , the task could prove daunting, much to the amazement of many. This is all the more difficult when you have different devices to charge. Should you buy a cheaper USB-C mains charger ? Or should we go for the best? Multiport USB 2.0 or […]

The 8 best pocket power banks

To help you choose the best ultra-light slim battery, we’ve handpicked the ones with good consumer reviews: The Anker PowerCore 10,000 mAh external battery The Anker PowerCore 10,000mAh Pocket Power Bank has a large capacity for such a small battery, it is fast and secure . This is because it is equipped with PowerIQ 2.0 […]

The best MacBook and Apple Watch external batteries

With a plethora of power banks on the market, it’s not uncommon to be confused about what to choose. We offer here a selection of external batteries that allow you to recharge your MacBook, but also Apple Watch. All with USB-C ports, you can also use them to charge your iPhone and iPad. The HETP […]

Comparison and review of the best pocket external batteries 2021

An external pocket battery or ultra slim battery unlike an external backup battery that is usually carried in a bag is easily transported everywhere. These pocket batteries are small in size, light enough to fit in a small bag or even in your pocket. What is a pocket external battery? A pocket-sized external battery is […]

Comparison of the best MacBook and Apple Watch external batteries

Buying a MacBook external battery is nowadays an essential investment if you want to improve the autonomy of your Apple devices, this to guarantee a considerable working time. One of the big advantages of MacBook backup batteries is the presence of a built-in USB C port unlike some other external batteries. Why should you buy […]

The best iPhone battery cases

If you need an iPhone 6 case or a newer case , here is an iPhone battery case cover that might interest you: 1- Kilponen, 6000 mAh battery case for iPhone 6 / 6S / 7/8 (4.7 inches) This rechargeable iPhone 6 case has a power of 6000 mAh. It is only compatible with iPhone […]

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