Comparison and review of the best pocket external batteries 2021


An external pocket battery or ultra slim battery unlike an external backup battery that is usually carried in a bag is easily transported everywhere. These pocket batteries are small in size, light enough to fit in a small bag or even in your pocket.

What is a pocket external battery?

A pocket-sized external battery is that lightweight battery whose mAh capacity is much less efficient than other well-known backup batteries. In terms of the amount of power, we are usually around 5000 mAh, which usually allows you to recharge your cell phone once during the day.

These are very thin batteries without a large energy storage capacity, which are used for occasional recharging of your mobile phones and tablets. Most of the time, they have only one port; therefore one recharge at a time according to its optimum power.

Difference between a pocket power bank and a standard power bank

A standard external battery is larger, it is difficult to slip it into a pocket. It also has several charging ports to be able to charge several smartphones simultaneously. These batteries are very often heavy and bulky compared to their pocket counterparts which are thin and very light.

If you have several devices to charge (especially if you are far from an electrical outlet), it would be advisable to buy instead the standard external battery which has on average 20,000 to 50,000 mAh. These two types of batteries also differ in price.

On the other hand, the pocket battery is very light and slips easily into a pocket , has one or two charging ports. It can only recharge a smartphone, tablet or other High-Tech accessories 1.5 times (do not plan to recharge your PC or MacBook).

The price of a pocket battery is very low (on average 10 $) compared to that of a standard external battery (on average 30 $), which is clearly justified when comparing the capacity / price ratio of the ‘one and the other. So, think about buying an external battery according to its practicality and the use which you want to make of it.

Why buy a pocket power bank?

It is essential in some circumstances to carry a small, lightweight battery that does not burden you. Here are the reasons why such a battery could be useful to you:

For a trip

One of the biggest concerns when we leave the house is to be able to continue to use our cell phone. If you’re planning on making a short trip, whether it’s on the subway, the bus, leaving the office for home, you wish you weren’t crowded.

Buying a pocket-sized power bank will go a long way in keeping your phone powered on at all times. No need to take a bag, you won’t have full pockets unlike a larger battery.

During a trip

When we travel, our electronic devices are often strained; between cameras, tablets, cell phones… all these electronic gadgets that have become essential to us, we use them all day long. And even though these devices demonstrate good autonomy, we panic as soon as the battery gets weak.

When traveling, a pocket external battery is essential to ensure a better longevity of the internal battery of your mobile phone. What not to miss to capture unforgettable moments of the trip, photos, videos; memories that will be cherished for a long time.

To stay connected

At a time when everyone is connected, limitless moments on social networks, be on the lookout for the latest information, the latest gossip, the new release of your favorite music group … the very latest news on the go. fashion.

Having a cell phone that discharges too easily is not a safe ally; we must therefore find alternatives to stay connected and reachable. The purchase of a handheld external battery allows you to stay always online as long as you like. It is a very useful gadget that will protect you from many inconveniences.

Choosing a slim battery: what to remember

Choosing an ultra slim external battery is no easy task when you consider the array of brands you can find on the market. Between the price comparison, their respective powers, their charging / recharging times, here is a small guide that will help you in choosing your pocket external battery.

The price

The price of a pocket power bank varies depending on the style of battery, its capacity, and even the brand of battery you are interested in. In general, this type of battery is not expensive with a price between 10 and 20 $ (these prices are given as an indication).

You can often depending on the sites on which you buy them be entitled to discounts depending on the periods. Read the reviews, do not hesitate to make price comparisons to reassure yourself of getting very good deals and therefore some savings!

Weight and size

What appeals about getting a pocket external battery is its slim size, light shapes. It is a battery that for the most part fits easily in the pocket. Not bulky at all! This greatly increases the assurance of taking it everywhere. Due to their small size and light weight, slim batteries are more discreet .

Battery capacity

If it’s just charging your small devices, a 5,000mAh capacity does the trick very well. A phone does not necessarily need too much power to be recharged. It is much better to opt for just what is necessary, which is perfectly suited to a small pocket battery.

However, it is advisable to buy a small battery whose capacity in mAh is 1.5 times that of the internal battery of your smartphone.

Comparison and review of the best pocket external batteries 2021
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