Comparison of the best MacBook and Apple Watch external batteries


Buying a MacBook external battery is nowadays an essential investment if you want to improve the autonomy of your Apple devices, this to guarantee a considerable working time. One of the big advantages of MacBook backup batteries is the presence of a built-in USB C port unlike some other external batteries.

Why should you buy a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air power bank?

We are living in an era marked by energy schizophrenia. Ever thinner computers with unbeatable performance. However, one problem remains, that of battery life.

A MacBook air power bank ensures you can work outdoors all day with peace of mind. So, in an environment where work is done more and more outdoors, it is important to be able to work at your optimum whether you are on the move, in a plane, a train, etc. MacBook backup battery has become a must.

Having an external battery for MacBook pro allows you to use your MacBook anywhere and in all circumstances without the fear of being conditioned by a limited autonomy. Another big advantage of these computer backup batteries is that you charge your computer as many times as needed without being near an electrical outlet.

If you are a person who frequently works outdoors, travels a lot for business, whatever your hobbies (watching movies, listening to music, playing video games, etc.), you are guaranteed to stay connected ( after the MacBook’s internal battery has run out) for as long as possible for another 8 hours.

Choosing the right external battery for MacBook

In general, the choice of a backup battery is linked to the device you want to charge. Here in our case it is MacBook laptops and Apple Watch smartwatches.

The context in which you work is also important – do you spend more time in remote areas? Are you constantly between two planes? Do you have a penchant for versatile or rather practical devices? Several elements will help you refine your search for your MacBook pro external battery, in particular:

The label

One of the relevant ways to judge a Mac external battery is to pay attention to its label. Because it is not just a gadget, the battery can melt, ignite or even explode, having a reliable reading of CE and RoHS certifications on the battery is not a luxury. You need to be safe from many risks.

The load capacity

The mAh (milliampere-hour) or charging current of the external battery must be taken into account. Knowing that there is an energy loss (approximately 20% of the energy capacity) when the voltage is converted from the MacBook battery to the USB cable, it is important to take into account both the energies of the external battery and of the external battery. the accumulator.

If you don’t want to worry about all these technicalities, remember this; Always opt for an external battery with a capacity much greater than that of your laptop’s internal battery. For MacBooks, we should start looking at those whose capacities start at 20,000 mAh (for a recharge) or 50,000 mAh (for two to three recharges).

The size

The idea of having a backup battery is to be able to use it anywhere without much clutter. This is why, according to your desires, it is good to choose the one whose dimensions do not pose a problem for you. It is not always said that high capacity in mAh rhythm with large dimension. Try to find the right size / capacity ratio that gives you the right transport and energy range you want.

The output intensity

If you intend to charge your MacBook several times, or even several devices at the same time, you must opt for a backup battery with an output of two or even three amps. This allows you to charge your devices faster. Also, you protect your external battery from any risk of overheating. This type of battery in general has several USB outputs offering an appreciable simultaneous charging capacity.

The price

The price of a MacBook external battery is something to consider when choosing a backup battery. While there is no set price point, using common sense here is what helps you make the choice. A 30,000 mAh battery that you would be sold for less than 30 euros is much less reliable than another battery sold at 80 euros for example.

Comparison of the best MacBook and Apple Watch external batteries
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