The best rechargeable phone cases 2021

The world of telephony has seen many advances in recent years. The development of battery cases is a concrete example. Designed with a view to solving battery life problems for mobile phones, this technology is now adopted by all. In fact, 3 out of 4 people spend more than 8 hours (which is huge) on their phone, which in the long run poses a problem of autonomy. The batteries or rechargeable shells shells so just fill this gap. In addition, they are more convenient to take away.


What is a battery case?

Also called rechargeable shell , the battery shell is an accessory that is used to extend the autonomy of your battery. It also helps protect your phone from bumps, scratches, dangerous surfaces. They are made for every type and brand of cell phone. Thus, there are rechargeable cases for iPhone, Android, iOS, Microsoft …

Why buy a battery case?

With a rechargeable shell , the autonomy of your phone is optimized . The battery drains less quickly and you have more time for calls, messages or internet browsing by up to 90% more charge. Note that some cases already come integrated into the phone and others do not. For the last case, you simply need to attach the shell to your laptop.

The advantage of a battery case is that it is light and easy to store. You can simply slip it into your pocket or bag. You can take it with you on a walk, on a trip … However, always take the trouble to store it after use (for non-integrated battery cases ), forgotten in a trouser pocket for example, it could be find in machine!

In addition, the battery case is a reliable and robust accessory; its lifespan is generally longer than that of the telephone. Its design is elegant and forms a very distinguished whole with the phone.

Its recharging is easy; all you need to do is plug the direct charging cable into a conventional outlet or connect it to a USB support on a laptop. Thus, the utility of a rechargeable battery is multiple and effective. With a rechargeable iPhone 6 case for example, the autonomy of your phone is guaranteed for more than 17 hours.

Saving time is also one of the marketing advantages for the marketing of battery cases . The time it takes to charge your smartphone you can now use it for other purposes, your battery case manages the hazards (isn’t it great?).

Criteria for choosing a rechargeable case

To choose a good battery case , you must start by researching the varieties of cases on the market according to the desired style, the brand of your phone, the purpose … You will therefore have the choice between flexible battery cases with grained or brushed effect, in silicone, hard and transparent in polycarbonate or with shockproof protection.

  • The flexible battery cases, for example, are made of polyurethane: they are strongly recommended because of their resistance. They are transparent and provide a good level of protection;
  • The shells with shockproof protection: are thick and offer a high level of protection against shocks and drops. It is a great accessory to protect your phone as long as possible;
  • The covers with brushed or grained effect: these cover models comfortably dress the phone and protect it against possible shocks or drops. It is flexible and very practical;
  • The battery shell silicone These cases protect your phone against any kind of shock. They are soft, anti confusing. Unfortunately, they get dirty very quickly;
  • The hard transparent polycarbonate shells: they have a nice design. However, the level of protection is limited. They break in the event of an impact. In short, it’s breakable plastic.

If you want to buy a battery case for an iPhone, for example, or for any other phone model, you should definitely consider all of these elements. You should also consider the brand of your phone, since each manufacturer designs their rechargeable case models for their phones. Take care to choose the rechargeable case model that matches your phone.

Then, look for characteristics of a hull with rechargeable battery, including : the charging capacity, the estimated power in mAh, the resistance level, the protection system, material manufacturing … also look for opinions on battery shells of other users to focus your choice. In addition, you must have an idea on the price of a battery case , to better prepare your budget. For example, if you want to know the price of a better iPhone case , you can consult the comparison of the best iPhone cases.

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